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Understand The Effects of Child Abuse

Understand The Effects of Child Abuse

The effects
of child abuse are often long term, irreversible, and may even be fatal. Shaken
Baby Syndrome is caused when a child is forcefully or violently thrown or
shaken. The infant’s brain will move within his/her skull due to weak neck
muscles and the gap between an infant’s brain and skull, and the brain will
bang against the walls of the skull. This will often cause extensive brain
trauma that may have severe consequences.

One of the
effects of child abuse is that an infant who is shaken will obtain a Subdural
Hematoma. A Subdural Hematoma occurs when an infant’s brain is bruised and it
causes a pool of blood to collect in the space between the infant’s brain and
skull. Shaken Baby Syndrome may also result in Cerebral Edema, or brain
swelling. Both of these injuries can be fatal.

Another one
of the effects of child abuse in infants is axonal shearing. This occurs when a
child’s brain tissue tears due to aggressive shaking. Axonal shearing results
in damaged neurons and causes the connections between neurons to break down.
This may have an extremely negative effect on a child’s normal function. 

s a result
of Shaken Baby Syndrome, a child may be inflicted with retinal hemorrhages,
which occurs when the inside of an infant’s eye begins to bleed. Because of
this, pools of blood may be visible in the child’s eyes. A baby who has been subjected
to this type of abuse may also obtain fractures along their ribs and skull.

Some of the common effects of child abuse in
infants are learning disabilities and behavioral problems. These are the most
benign effects of Shaken Baby Syndrome. As a result of the injuries that a
child will sustain due to violent throwing or shaking, the infant may suffer
from mental retardation and may never be able to experience a normal life.
Other effects of child abuse to infants that are subjected to shaking trauma
are blindness and hearing loss. A child may also experience difficulties with
speech and communication.

In many
cases of Shaken Baby Syndrome, the infant will develop a condition known as
Cerebral Palsy due to the injuries that they have sustained. Cerebral Palsy is
a condition that is often caused by brain trauma and results in impaired motor
functions. An individual who suffers from this condition may have difficulty
walking due to muscles that are extremely tight or very weak. They may also
experience tremors, jerking, loss of coordination, and loss of balance. An
individual who is suffering from Cerebral Palsy may find it difficult to
complete normal, daily activities.

In some of
the worst cases, a child who is suffering from Shaken Baby Syndrome may become
paralyzed due to spinal injury or nerve damage. A child may never be able to
walk due to a mindless act of an adult. Seizures will often be an effect of
this type of abuse.

In many
cases, a child who has been subjected to violent or forceful shaking will end
up in a coma and will spend the rest of their lives in a vegetable state. Many
times, the injuries that an infant receives due to this form of child abuse
will result in the death of the child.

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