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How Can I Prevent Childhood Bullying

How Can I Prevent Childhood Bullying

How Can I Prevent Childhood Bullying
There are usually rules in schools to prevent and punish bullying at school. However, those rules may not apply when students are no longer on school grounds.
For example, school bullying may actually begin online on social networking sites. That information may be available to the public but may not necessarily be punishable at school because the act took place away from school.
Each jurisdiction has specific rules about school bullying, including possible punishment. There are some laws in certain jurisdictions which allow bullying to be punished legally. In those cases, the age of the child may play a factor in punishment.
In most cases, schools and law enforcement work together to prevent bullying. They may begin by offering counseling to both the bully and the victim in hopes that the bullying will stop.




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