Russia Ukraine

Russia Ukraine

Russia Ukraine
When a surrogate mother gives birth in the Ukraine, she has no legal rights regarding the child. In fact, the intended parents have custody immediately. When intended parents decide to use a surrogate mother in the Ukraine, they should contact a surrogacy center.
The surrogacy center will help individuals navigate the surrogacy process in the Ukraine. While the process is generally quite simple, intended parents must also think about the laws in the United States and how they can affect the outcome. For instance, a surrogacy center will help them with the birth certificate and citizenship.
When intended parents decide that international surrogacy is the best option for them, they should contact several surrogacy centers before choosing one. If intended parents decide that the Ukraine is the best location for them, they still have many things to consider. 
First, intended parents will want to consider the cost of trips to the Ukraine. Airline tickets can be rather expensive. In fact, the added cost may eliminate any savings the intended parents were hoping for by utilizing international surrogacy.
However, the cost of surrogacy in the Unites States can be very high and intended parents may still find a financial benefit when utilizing international surrogacy.




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