Understanding Careers

Understanding Careers

Understanding Careers
Depending on one's chosen field, only a handful of positions might be available in that area of interest. For example, classes and training in the field of ophthalmology will imaginably prove quite limiting as to what one's career aspirations are, though for some, this might be perfectly fine. 
Juvenile justice justice jobs are a different story. Right off the bat, for those who are used to working a normal nine-to-five job or otherwise expect to clock in and out at established hours, certain juvenile justice careers may not be realistic prospects. For those that work in a court setting, for example, most positions will exceed the "standard" 40-hour week. Juvenile court judges may conform to the norm, but may also just as easily work 50 hours per week.
Depending on the position, an individual might also be expected to work during the nights and on weekends. While these may be relatively small concessions to those who are dedicated to their task and really love what they do, for others unwilling to bite the bullet, so to speak, or with other considerations like children that limit the flexibility of their schedules, alternatives are recommended.
People thinking about juvenile justice careers should also understand the kind of environment in which they will likely be working. The aforementioned juvenile court judge would preside over a juvenile court.         
For all the hardships that come along with some juvenile justice careers, the potential benefits may more than make up for their inconveniences. Judges, for one, tend to start on a higher pay scale. As for the correctional officer, he or she will generally work that regular shift that some people might covet. For the social worker/caseworker position, while the pay is generally low, the demand for these jobs is often quite high. With all of these positions, there is a decided trade-off. Job seekers and career planners are urged to think about which one works best for them.




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