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Don’t Forget About The Children Waiting for Adoption

Don't Forget About The Children Waiting for Adoption

Children enter foster care for both voluntary and involuntary reasons. The current American foster care system often places undue stress on children waiting for adoption. Children waiting for adoption, especially those older in age, experience detrimental mental and social effects that tend to plague them later in life.
Another large problem comes when foster children reach the age of 18 without returning to their biological family or joining an adopted family, as a large percent enter the ranks of the homeless later poised for incarceration and other problems. 
Children waiting for adoption, stuck in the American foster care system, often face problems later in life. Feelings of depression and rejection plague these individuals preventing them from leading a productive life. Recent legislative changes alter the way foster care functions, but further efforts and funding should be dedicated to developing a comprehensive plan for those children waiting for adoption that reach legal age.