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Understanding Toddler Adoption

Understanding Toddler Adoption

Many individuals who decide to adopt a child prefer to
adopt an infant or a toddler.
Reactive Attachment Disorder will prevent a toddler from forming
meaningful relationships or emotional bonds with a caregiver. Due to this
disorder, an adoptive parent may feel that there is no connection between
themselves and their adopted child. This may lead to a wide array of problems
and complications.

individual who is considering toddler adoption should also acknowledge that in
many cases, toddlers who end up in the foster care system have been removed
from their homes because they were being subjected to severe abuse or neglect.
Child abuse may leave a child with extensive psychological and emotional
damage. A toddler in the foster care system may be suffering from Post
Traumatic Stress Disorder. Some of the symptoms of this disorder include
nightmares, bed-wetting, and anxiety.

If an
individual has seriously considered that a toddler in the foster care system
may have experienced many traumatic events and is prepared to handle the consequences
of the behavior that the child was subjected to, then adopting a toddler may be
extremely beneficial for the child. It will provide the child with stability
and support, as well as a safe environment in which the child can thrive.