Understanding The Federal Role

Understanding The Federal Role

Understanding The Federal Role
The Federal Government plays a large role in enforcing child fostering standards, as do State and local governments. A part of the Government's goal of protecting the American people, is especially the goal of protecting the American children, including foster children.
The Federal Ggovernment office that is responsible for overseeing the child fostering standards is the Department of Health and Human Services. In order to execute their role accurately, the Department of Health and Human Services performs annual reviews in which they further inspect every State child and family service agency in the nation. It is all aimed at the goal of making sure that foster children are receiving the highest standard of care necessary.
One of the ways in which the Department of Health and Human Services carries out its review is to study fostering abilities throughout each county and State. They are able to track foster children as they make their way through the child fostering system from the moment that they enter, to the time that they are ready to exit. As they study the different foster children, they are able to draw conclusions and outcomes based on the data that they have composed. 
During their review of State-wide fostering abilities and standards, the Department of Health and Human Services conducts interviews with the different levels of State Government to gain an in-depth insight as to how the child foster care system provides for foster children. The Department of Health and Human Services also interviews foster parents, attorneys, child advocates, Tribal representatives, and court personnel of the given State to make the best assessment of the State fostering system.
The Federal Department will also interview the parents of foster children in order to gauge their experience with the child fostering system. In addition, foster children will also be called on by the State Government in order to learn how foster children are being treated.
Another interactive approach that the Department of Health and Human Services takes in their review of the State foster care system is to conduct focus groups. These focus groups typically consist of the people that meet the same qualifications as those that were involved in the one-on-one interviews; from the foster children themselves to everyone that is involved in the care of those children.
There is a lot of evidence to suggest that the Department of Health and Human Services will look into any programs that may arise for foster children. The system was set up to ensure that parents have adequate fostering abilities. The review process consists of seeing which programs may benefit the children 




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