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Easy Way to Know the Signs and Prevention

Easy Way to Know the Signs and Prevention

In some
cases, there may be few signs of child abuse to indicate that a child is
suffering from Shaken Baby Syndrome. In other cases, the signs that a child has
been subjected to violent shaking may be very obvious and apparent. An infant
who is suffering from Shaken Baby Syndrome may display many noticeable

The injuries
that a child sustains from forceful shaking may cause a child to become
lethargic and irritable. Some of the signs of child abuse in cases such as this
may include vomiting, loss of appetite, and constipation. The child may have
difficulty eating and may choke frequently. An infant who has been exposed to
this type of abuse may have a hard time breathing and may experience frequent
seizures or convulsions.

In many
cases of Shaken Baby Syndrome, pools of blood will be visible behind the
child’s eyes. The child’s pupils may not react to light and they may have a
glassy appearance to them. One of the signs of child abuse that may be apparent
in an infant who has suffered from violent shaking is noticeable swelling of
the child’s head. The infant’s head will appear to be enlarged due to the
swelling of the brain. The sutures on a child’s skull are not fused at the time
of birth and, due to brain swelling, the sutures may begin to separate. Semi-consciousness and
unresponsiveness are also indicators that a child is suffering from Shaken Baby

If an infant
is displaying any of these symptoms, it is essential that the child be brought
to the hospital immediately. In many cases, a child will be unable to recover
from these effects and signs of child abuse. However, the longer that a child
remains without medical treatment, the less chance that a child has of
recovering and the infant may die due to their injuries.

Shaken Baby Syndrome affects thousands of children
every year. Many of the infants that are exposed to this type of abuse are
killed, and most of the infants who survive suffer from lifelong physical
consequences. In order to decrease the frequency of this form of abuse and the
effects and signs of child abuse that accompany this syndrome, many
organizations have dedicated a great deal of time and money to public

Many classes
and programs have been developed in order to educate parents how to properly
cope with the physical and emotional stresses of parenting. Shaken Baby Syndrome
is completely preventable, and there are many methods that a parent may employ
in order to avoid subjecting an infant to this abuse. A parent may choose to
enroll in a parenting class that will teach them effective ways of dealing with
stress. Many classes also focus on successful ways of soothing a child so that
they will stop crying.

If an
individual becomes tired and frustrated that a child will not stop crying, they
have numerous options available to them. An individual can call a friend or a
family member to come tend to the child for a while so that the individual can
relax and recharge. If there is no one available to come care for the child,
then it is more beneficial to ensure that the child is safe and then leave the
room for a few minutes. This will give the individual time to cool off and will
decrease the chance that they will take out their frustration on the child.