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Understanding Relationship Problems

Understanding Relationship Problems

All of these effects of child abuse usually carry over
into adulthood. An individual who has been abused as a child may continue to
find forming relationships and emotional bonds difficult years after the abuse
has ended. Each effect of child abuse is imprinted into the individual’s
psyche, and the effects of child abuse may be very difficult for an individual
to overcome.  

An individual who has suffered from abuse as a child may
have problems maintaining a healthy relationship. They may take part in constant
fighting or arguing. An individual who was subjected to child abuse may also
have trouble communicating their feelings. One common effect of child abuse is
that a child may become used to suppressing their feelings and emotions.

Often in cases of child abuse, the abuser forces the
child to remain quiet about what is happening to them by constantly threatening
the child, or something or someone that is important to the child. The child
will be unable to tell anyone about what they are experiencing or feeling. As a
result, a child who has suffered from abuse may become very secretive and may
fear exposing their feelings to another individual. This may be very
detrimental to a child’s relationship with his/her friends and family, as well
as any romantic relationships that they may develop in the future. An adult who
has suffered from child abuse may also find it difficult to be intimate with
another person.