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What You Should Know About Focusing on Returning to Parents

Reuniting a child in foster care with their birth parents is not always in the best interest of the child. The child was removed from the care of their parents
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Don’t Forget About The Children Waiting for Adoption

Children enter foster care for both voluntary and involuntary reasons. The current American foster care system often places undue stress on children waiting for adoption. Children waiting for adoption, especially
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What are the Developmental Issues

Abuse and neglect are extremely detrimental to the physiological, mental, and emotional development of children. They can also be extremely detrimental to a child's physical development. Some of the children
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What Are The Difficulties in Adoption

There are various difficulties and complications that are associated with foster care adoption. Children removed to foster care may have been subjected to physical violence or emotional damage. In some
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All You Need to Know About The Problems with Foster Care

The problems facing children in the foster care system in America are varied. The consequences of an extended period in
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Juvenile Delinquency In Depth

Crime and juvenile delinquency are one of the common problems arising out of child abandonment, neglect, or abuse. For their
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Understanding The Lack of State Collaboration

Decentralization of adoption practices hurts the integrity of the larger system. One central detriment to the larger adoption system stems
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What You Should Know About The Lack Of A Federal System

Due to the fact that each individual State maintains specific interest in the families that reside within their jurisdiction, there lacks a central cohesion and care for all children in
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