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International Surrogacy


Many intended parents find their surrogate mother through commercial international surrogacy.In India, surrogacy has been a relatively simple process for both couples seeking to raise a child to whom they
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All About International Surrogacy

International surrogacy has become increasingly popular. Intended parents in the United States, may find their state laws unfavorable towards surrogacy.As in the United States, laws regarding surrogacy will differ in
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Understanding Legal Determination

There can be many legal difficulties encountered when intended parents choose international surrogacy. First and foremost, intended parents will want to find out whose names will be listed on the
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Russia Ukraine

When a surrogate mother gives birth in the Ukraine, she has no legal rights regarding the child. In fact, the intended parents have custody immediately. When intended parents decide to
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Many who have chosen to take part in the surrogacy experience choose to utilize the services of international surrogates. While
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Commercialization Option

Although some intended parents are able to find an altruistic surrogate among family and friends, both parties often feel that
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Discover the Different Agencies

There are many surrogate agencies that can assist intended parents with international surrogacy. Surrogacy agencies help people who intend to
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Ethical Issues You Should Know About International Surrogacy

There are many ethical issues involved with international surrogacy. The emotional and physical costs associated with surrogacy must also be
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Many who intend to parent a surrogate child choose to use international surrogacy. The cost of surrogacy in the United States can reach hundreds of thousands of dollars. Intended parents
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