Children Laws


Media and Child Abduction

All American news outlets reveal the same thing: child abduction. For example, one of the first publicized cases of child kidnappings, and certainly the most famous, involved Charles Lindbergh. Lindbergh
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History Legitimacy Overview

The legal and civil rights of illegitimate children has changed drastically over the past century. Until the 1920s, most countries had been using the same legal rulings for dealing with
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Internet and Child Abduction

American youth of today spend hours of their time on the internet playing games, chatting with friends, and looking up information on various websites. Youth are more wired today than
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What are the Implications on Inheritance

Laws governing illegitimacy have changed drastically over the last century. Children who were born to unmarried parents were often outcasts from society. There was a time when an acknowledgment of
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Understanding The Push Towards Legal Equality

The terms illegitimate and legitimate have taken on new meanings in modern day society.  For centuries, most illegitimate children suffered
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Understanding The Legitimacy Issues

Unmarried women have been giving birth to illegitimate children for centuries. Legitimacy issues in society have usually revolved more around
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What Are Heredity Titles

Legitimacy in a child's birth is less important than it used to be. Throughout history, legitimacy has determined many factors
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Quick Overview of Coinage of Bastardy

The term bastardy used to refer to a child born to an unmarried mother. Another word for bastardy is illegitimate.
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What Does It Mean to Be Legitimated

At one time, for a child to be legitimated they had be born to parents that were married to each other at the time of the child's birth. Current laws
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