Understanding Altruistic Surrogacy

Understanding Altruistic Surrogacy

Understanding Altruistic Surrogacy
Altruistic surrogacy may be the only legal form of surrogacy is some states. There are laws preventing surrogate mothers from benefiting financially from the pregnancy. They will, however, receive payment for any bills associated with that pregnancy.
They cannot receive compensation for their time or for any other considerations not directly associated with the pregnancy. State laws forbid this practice so that women do not take unnecessary risks with their health in order to benefit financially. States do allow for altruistic surrogacy because they believe the surrogate mother is likely doing it for family or a friend and not for financial gain. Instead, they are doing it because they want to help their family member or friend.
There are many considerations for egg donation and surrogacy. Egg donation can provide a healthy pregnancy for a woman who has been unable to conceive. After extensive medical testing is done, and the cause for unsuccessful pregnancy is found, egg donation and surrogacy may be the only options available. With egg donation, the intended mother may try to carry the pregnancy on her own. However, it may be found that she is unable to do so.
It is a good idea to discuss egg donation and surrogacy very carefully before deciding on a course of action. While the potential surrogate may require an egg donation, she may also find that she is unable to carry the pregnancy to term. Intended parents must carefully consider what they will do if the procedure is not successful.  
Altruistic surrogacy is a beautiful commitment to make. However, the surrogate must be fully committed psychically, mentally and emotionally both to the procedure and to the intended parents. Carefully consider egg donation and surrogacy before a commitment to the couple is made because it could be devastating to all involved should the mother change her mind at any point during the procedure.
Like any medical procedure, the benefits and disadvantages of egg donation and surrogacy should be thoroughly discussed before any decisions are made by any involved party.




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