Easy Guide to Becoming a Surrogate Mother

Easy Guide to Becoming a Surrogate Mother

Easy Guide to Becoming a Surrogate Mother
Becoming a surrogate mother involves intense medical and psychological testing. Doctors will want to be sure that you are physically healthy enough to carry a child to full term. They want to ensure that there will be no danger to your health or to the baby's health during the pregnancy. They will check simple things like blood pressure and weight.
However, becoming a surrogate mother will also entail much more intense medical testing. Among other things, doctors will check that your reproductive system is in working order and that you do not carry any diseases that may be passed onto the child.
There is also psychological testing and counseling involved in becoming a surrogate mother. A psychologist wants to be sure that you are mentally prepared to carry a child that you will not likely see after birth.
You may feel that your medical and mental health are under scrutiny. However, it is important to remember that the tests exist in order to try to avoid any complications during or after the pregnancy. Doctors and psychologists want to ensure the health of a surrogate mother, the baby, and the intended parents. Although a surrogate mother is likely to experience some emotional difficulties after giving birth to the child, they are assured access to follow up care.
After all medical and psychological testing has been completed, your agency will match you with a couple. In some cases, you already know whose child you will be carrying because you may be doing it for a family member or a friend.
In either case, be sure that you have an open dialogue with both the couple and any doctors that are involved in the process. By speaking freely with one another, you all ensure an easier and more healthy process.  




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