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Sociological Studies of Foster Care

Sociological Studies of Foster Care

Many people believe that a child will live a better life if
they are able to live with their birth parents rather than being placed in a
foster home. There is inadequate research that explores what should be done if
that opportunity ceases to be an option. These sociological studies just do not
quite sum up what is the prime solution when a child has to be placed in a
foster home. With the number of children in the foster care system averaging at
over 500,000 each year nationwide, it is important to explore the avenues that
can be taken with the
 foster care. 

One of the common issues that
children in foster care face are behavioral problems. The instances of trauma
that children that are placed in a foster home often face are much too intense
for them to handle. Once they are finally able to exit that circumstance and
make their way to a foster home, many of these children have not come to terms
with the issues that caused them to be in a foster home in the first place.
This causes many of those children to have behavioral problems when they enter
a new foster home. They have yet to be given the proper treatment to deal with