Bride Kidnapping

Bride Kidnapping History At A Glance

Today, many women are forced into marriage by capture in different foreign countries. These countries are generally in Central Asia, Africa and Russia. The practice of capturing a woman for
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What You Didn’t Know About Bride Kidnapping in Modern Culture

Current day bridal kidnapping often relates to young women who are considered to be children. Bridal kidnapping usually involves the kidnapping of young women because the kidnapper cannot afford a
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Easy to Understand Bride Kidnapping Overarching

Despite the fact that it is indeed something that can be considered an atrocity, and at times, a cultural tradition, kidnapping young women to force their hand in marriage is
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Bride Kidnapping Explained

Bride kidnapping is defined as a man abducting the woman he wants to marry and trying to force her into a marital agreement. The definition of kidnapping is the taking
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