Abduction Statistics

What Are The Trends in Child Abduction

High profile cases of child abduction have dominated media and the minds of the American people. The amount of coverage and recognition that these high profile cases carry have led
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Returned Vs. Missing Children in Child Abductions

About half of child abductions are by family members of the child. In nearly all of these cases, the abducted child is returned to the rightful parent or parents unharmed.
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What You Didn’t Know About The Chances of Child abduction increase

Thousands of children are reported missing every day in the United States. Parents note this seeming epidemic and panic. Three quarters of parents surveyed are afraid of their children being
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Your Guide to Child Abduction Statistics

The public impression of child abduction is often exaggerated due to the nature of around-the-clock media cycles that requires breaking stories at a constant pace. About 2,000 children are reported
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Facts You Need to Know About The Country Wide Child Abduction Statistics

Each year, 800,000 missing children, approximately 2,000 children every day, are reported to local law enforcement agencies and the FBI. Most of these cases were solved within hours or cases
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