Children Laws

Abduction Legislative Reforms

Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act

The Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act is legislation that was signed by President George W. Bush on July 27, 2006. Also known as the Adam Walsh Act, the
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Extradition Treaties Interpretation Act of 1998

Several hundred children are kidnapped by a parent in violation of law and brought to, or taken from, the United States every year. United States criminal law now makes parental
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National Child Search Assistance Act of 1990

The National Child Search Assistance Act of 1990 was enacted by Congress to assist parents in recovering missing children. It ensures that no State law enforcement agencies establish a policy
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Missing Children Act of 1982

The problem of missing children reached a breaking point when Etan Patz was abducted. The Missing Children Act of 1982 authorized the FBI to enter and maintain relevant information about
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Legislative Reforms Overview

The increasing number of stories of missing children and suffering families helped to start the missing child movement in the
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Suzannes Law

In 1998, Suzanne Lyall, a student of the State University of New York at Albany disappeared and was never to
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International Parental Kidnapping Crime Act of 1993

Under the International Kidnapping Crime Act of 1993, individuals who remove a child from the United States and obstruct parental rights are subject to fine and imprisonment for up to
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