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Your Guide To Finding a Lawyer

Your Guide To Finding a Lawyer

If an individual decides to
petition for guardianship
 rights to a minor, they do not
necessarily need to hire a guardianship attorney
. Self-representation
 is an option in these cases.
However, it is highly recommended that before a petitioner begins to complete
the guardianship process
 they meet with a guardianship

A guardianship attorney will be
able to provide invaluable advice and guidance to the individual who is
petitioning for child guardianship rights. They will be able to inform the
petitioner about the rights and responsibilities they will assume if they
become a child’s legal guardian. They will also inform the petitioner whether
or not they have just cause to seek guardianship of the child. Without just
cause, filing for child guardianship rights of a child will be both a waste of
time and money unless they have previously received consent from the parents of
the child to assume guardianship.

A guardianship attorney will
also ensure that the petitioner completes the guardianship forms properly in
order to begin the legal process. In order to receive these services, a
petitioner must first locate a lawyer who specializes in guardianship issues
and has experience in family court

Locating a guardianship attorney should not be a very complicated
task. There are guardianship attorneys located in most cities throughout the
United States. Every State within the United States contains many guardianship
attorneys, so finding one that is local should not be difficult.

There are many online resources
that allow individuals to search for guardianship attorneys within their city
and State. Local guardianship attorneys can be found in the phone book.
However, there is no requirement to be listed in the phone book, and
guardianship attorneys who are listed there are not screened or investigated.
There are websites that are dedicated to screening lawyers and providing
information for only the best guardianship attorneys.

An attorney who specializes in
guardianship issues can be found at most child and family law firms
. It is essential that to find a trusted guardianship
attorney that is right for the individual and their particular case.