Types of Abduction

Important Information to Know About Child Abduction for Ransom

In the movie Rush Hour 2, the daughter of a Chinese consul is kidnapped and held for ransom. For the rest of the film, the comedic duo of Jackie Chan
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What You Must Know About Child Abduction for Murder or Sexual Abuse

Many Americans are aware of the television series To Catch A Predator. In this show, hidden cameras and actors are used to identify and detain potential sexual predators. These predators,
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Important Information About Parental Child Abduction

Parental child abduction, contrary to popular belief, is the most common form of child abduction in United States. It also has the highest female prevalence of any other crime in
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Child Abduction By Stranger With Purpose Of Raising As Their Own Child

The psychological motive to abduct a child is likely a result of the maternal instinct of women. If a woman has a miscarriage or discovers that she is barren, she
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