Legal Concerns

Quick Overview of Paternity in Question

No parent ever wants to be placed in a situation where they have to prove or disprove paternity. When it comes to proving paternity, one of the methods that is
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Obligations and Rights After Determination At A Glance

After the question of paternity has been revealed and paternity test results are in, it is important for that birth father to continue to become familiar with his parental rights.
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All You Need To Know About Establishing Parental Rights

After the results of a child paternity test establishes a child's paternity, establishing parental rights from the very beginning is crucial. After establishing paternity, that is one aspect of which
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Quick Overview of the Default Judgment of Paternity

Although there are various reasons as to why a potential father may fail to appear on the scheduled date in order to have a paternity check administered, one of the
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