Statistics and Trends

Easy to Understand Guide to Legitimacy Historical

Throughout history, unmarried women who gave birth to illegitimate children were shunned or scorned by society. While drastic changes regarding society's view of unmarried mothers have occurred within the last
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Find Out About The Recent Increases in Illegitimacy

While the percentage of legitimacy in children has varied throughout the years, recent years have shown a steady increase in the number of unwed mothers in the United States.While reasons
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Knowing The Legitimacy Stigma

The social stigma surrounding unwed mothers and their illegitimate babies was widespread in the past. A social stigma also followed the illegitimate children, even though their illegitimacy was through no fault
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Knowing The Legitimacy Statistics and Trends

The trends and statistics of legitimate births have changed over the centuries. The percentage of unmarried women having illegitimate babies are at an all-time high and the number increases every
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