Quick Guide to Domestic Abuse

In the United States, neglect or abuse were widespread throughout orphanages and orphaned children living in these institutions were not properly cared for. Orphanages became known for their discriminatory practices and unhealthy living
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Orphanages Origins At A Glance

Orphanages have an extremely long history. In early history, an orphan was often placed in the care of a relative or became a servant or an apprentice. Ancient Athenians recognized
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Easy to Understand Orphanages Overview

Orphaned children are society’s most vulnerable and susceptible population. Often, these children have lost the most important people in their lives due to disease, violence, or accidents. In other cases,
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Quick Overview on Orphanages

Traditionally, orphanages only housed the children of deceased parents. In many cases, a relative would assume the responsibility of caring for a child who lost their parents. In situations in
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