Medical Considerations

What Are The Medical Considerations

There are many medical implications for anyone involved with surrogacy. The success rate for a healthy pregnancy achieved through surrogate mothers varies greatly. There are, according to many in the
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Procedure Medical Considerations At A Glance

There are medical surrogacy requirements for the intended parents and for the surrogate mother. A detailed medical history will be taken on both the couple and the potential surrogate mother.
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All You Need to Know About Egg and Sperm Donation

When a couple struggles to become pregnant and has remained unsuccessful, they are left with several options. The reason for infertility may greatly limit their choices in having a baby
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Read The Implications of Surrogacy Beforehand

There are many medical implications of surrogacy for surrogate moms and for the intended parents. The families of each party involved should also be considered when pondering the medical implications
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