Children Laws


What Are The Success Rates

As soon as a child offender reaches the age of majority in his or her State of residence, he or she will not have access to the same protections once
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What You Must Know About Becoming Repeat or Adult Offenders

For those who wish to view the juvenile offender problem in America more holistically, it should be noted that this is complicated. In terms of a national rate for multiple
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Quick Overview on Drug Abuse

For juvenile drug treatment to be successful, it has to target a specific drug-related issue, though this does not mean that addictions to several drugs cannot be treated. Juvenile drug
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All You Need to Know About Family Patterns

In hypothesizing about the relationship between one's family and one's propensity toward delinquency, researchers have devoted much attention to the type of home setup involved as a contributing factor. The
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Gangs At A Glance

For adult members of some communities, there is less concern that their young children may be mixed up in a
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Quick Look On Statistics

One important distinction to make regarding juvenile crime statistics is to separate the number of arrests from cases closed. Juvenile
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Quick Overview to Mental Illness and Child Offenders

When most Americans hear the term "convicted child offender", they automatically assume it is in reference to an adult who
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Make Sure You Know The Juvenile Detention Statistics and Trends

Overall, downward trends in absolute numbers of crimes are truly a source of inspiration for America. However, what happens after arrests is not as comforting.Unfortunately, for certain subsets of the
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