Other Concerns

Easy Guide to Benefits Subsidies for Legal Guardian

Taking on the guardianship of a minor is a huge responsibility, which may present the individual who assumes guardianship of a minor with a large financial burden that they cannot
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All You Need to Know About Medical Coverage

Child guardianship entails a great deal of responsibility and accountability. When an individual assumes the responsibility of obtaining legal guardianship of a minor, there are many concerns, considerations, and worries that
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Make Sure You Are Aware of The Other Concerns

Becoming the legal guardian of a child is an extremely large responsibility, and the individual who is considering petitioning to become the legal guardian of a child may have many question and
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Make Sure You Understand The Permanency of Guardianship

Unlike adoption, a legal guardianship is not considered a permanent arrangement. The legal guardian provides the court with a guardianship bond in order to receive guardianship rights over a person
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