Narital Emancipation

Understanding The Court’s Role

In the family law case of Abu-Nadal v. Abu-Nadal a fifteen year old girl lived in Ohio with her family. Her parents requested that she marry a man in her
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Quick Overview of Governing Laws Marital Emancipation

To allow a minor to marry, the judge will determine whether the union is in the best interest of both parties. In some states, child laws regarding marriage are even
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Marital Emancipation At A Glance

Every situation of marital emancipation has different implications. If the minor has gone through a divorce, then a court will most likely rule that because the minor is no longer
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Be Aware of the Implications of Emancipation of Minors

The emancipation of minors is a sensitive subject that can lead to a great deal of debate. Many states and many courts have declared different findings regarding the emancipation of
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