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Laws in Schools

Intelligent Design vs. Evolution

Regarding science versus religion in the United States, and more specifically in public education, the debate over the teaching of evolution in schools is also a brilliant symbol of this
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Make Sure You Know the Laws in School

After events such as the 1999 "Columbine High School Massacre" in Colorado near Littleton, the urgency of intervention efforts to prevent school shootings are more than apparent among educators in
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Locker Searches At A Glance

One might imagine a prototypical messy locker of the high school student to be filled with books, papers, jackets, dirty gym clothes, and perhaps even food items from the school
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Make Sure You Know About Religion in School

For those Americans whose faith is the most important force in their life, its pervasiveness in all aspects of their life is most understandable. For children and teachers who subscribe
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Understanding School Prayer

Noting the religious fervor under which our very country was founded, it would be virtual insanity to insist that religion
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What You Need to Know About School Uniforms and Freedom of Expression

Many times, the adoption of a school uniform in a school or school district is not intended to limit the
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Understanding the Juvenile Justice Process

In the first chapters of the American history of juvenile justice, the age of minority was quite low, making the
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2 Purpose of A Drug Testing

With special regard to student athlete drug testing, in the past decade important decisions have been reached on the extent
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Understanding Freedom of Speech

Another one of the school issues that is of national import and is more than tangentially related to freedom of speech is the use of violent or morbid writing and
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