Juvenile Probation

Understanding Juvenile Probation

Juvenile probation is the most likely effect of a young person's involvement with the law and with the juvenile justice system. In fact, a majority of youth offenders will have
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What Are Court Ordered Sanctions

The decision of whether or not to sentence an individual to probation usually begins with a meeting between a defendant and a representative of the governing probation department. Depending on
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Know the History of Juvenile Probation

Juvenile probation in this country began in 19th Century Massachusetts with the innovative work of John Augustus. Known to historians as the "Father of Probation," Augustus, a member of the
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Understanding The Parental Responsibilities

In line with the community aspect of fighting juvenile delinquency, juvenile courtits officers and the judge, as in parens patriae, is no substitute for proper adult guardianship. Granted, in some
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Paying of Damages and Counseling At A Glance

Some rulings by a juvenile court judge or conditions of detention diversion negotiated directly with an officer of the court
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Read This Before Violating Probation

The general idea of probation is for delinquents to keep their noses clean and not do anything associated with delinquent behavior. After all, the word "probation" originates from Latin and
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