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Understanding The Courts Role in Legal Guardianship

The court plays an essential role in setting and maintaining guardianship laws. Under existing guardianship law the court must authorize a legal guardianship. Therefore, an individual must file a petition with the
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Your Guide To Finding a Lawyer

If an individual decides to petition for guardianship rights to a minor, they do not necessarily need to hire a guardianship attorney. Self-representation is an option in these cases. However, it is
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What Can A Guardianship Lawyer Provide For You

    Completing a petition in order to receive guardianship rights to a minor is an extremely serious and sensitive matter. An individual who decides that they want to petition
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In Court Overview

The court hearing is one of the most important aspects of a guardianship petition. The individual who filed the petition to receive guardianship of a minor or of a disabled
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All You Need to Know About Self Representation

There are many situations that warrant self-representation in court. Unless it is a criminal case, an individual is not entitled to representation by an attorney, and legal fees are expensive. In
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