Child Trafficking

Illegal International Adoption At A Glance

Illegal adoption may take place in a variety of ways. Areas that have a high number of children available for adoption like China is especially likely to participate in illegal
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Quick Guide to Early Marriage

A worldwide issue that is considered to be a human rights violation is the forced marriage of a young woman. Usually, this child marriage is arranged by the family of
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What You Didn’t Know About Child Soldiers

While the thought of forming rebel groups of soldiers made up of young children may be a startling and upsetting thought for Americans, it can be normal in other countries.
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Read This About International Legislation

The parents of the children that are sold into slavery are usually pro, not anti-human trafficking. In fact, these parents are usually the ones who sell their children. This will
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Forced Labor At A Glance

  In many countries forced child labor is still common. Some children are forced to do factory work, but others
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What You Didn’t Know About Child Slavery

Child slavery is not a new phenomenon. Throughout history, children have been sold off into slavery to pay off family debt. Sometimes the children were sold in hopes of the
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