Child Protective Services

Child Protection Act

What is the Child Protection Act?The Child Protection Act is a piece of legislation that was formally proposed  in 1998 with the intent of restricting access by minors to any
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Child Education

What is Child Education?Child education is the term most commonly used to describe the formal teaching and care of young children by adults or individuals other than their family or
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What Are the Programs and Services Provided

Detaining and committing underage offenders to juvenile facilities may be good for curbing the actual use of drugs and may generally be helpful in separating children from harmful influences. In
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Child Protection Policy

Child Protection Policy Defined:The Child Protection Policy is a government-run welfare system that aims to protect children or minors from a number of hazardous circumstances, including physical attacks, abductions, child
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Center for Child Protection and Family Support

The Center for Child Protection and Family Support is a non-profit Washington D.C.-based organization. The Center for Child Protection and
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Child Protective Services Groups and Organization

Many different child protective services, organizations, and groups have been created in order to provide children with protection and prevent abuse from occurring. Many states have developed a variety of
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