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Child Abduction Prevention

Be Well Informed With General Safety Tips

Being careful and following safety tips are not a guarantee that a child will be safe from a kidnapping. However, by following some child abduction prevention steps, an individual can
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Quick Overview of the Child Abduction Statistics and Patterns

According to child abduction statistics, a child is reported missing every 40 seconds in the United States. However, there are several factors to take into account when reviewing child abduction
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Be Aware of the Dangerous Environments for Child Abduction

While there are many different places where a child predator may lurk, some areas are more common than others. It is typical for kidnapped children to go missing from similar
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Be Informed About The Lies Used By Strangers to Lure Children

Child predators try to lure children into their grasp by using several different stories to draw them in. These child lures will usually be used by kidnappers who fall into
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Must Know How Parents Can Protect Their Children

To prevent child abuse within the case of a child abduction, one must try to prevent the abduction itself -
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Read This On How Children Can Protect Themselves

Preventing abuse is not always easy, but being proactive when it comes to prevention is very helpful. There are many
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Easiest Way to Recognizing Abuse

Abducted children are often subject to variations of child abuse including sexual and physical abuse. Usually, a child being kidnapped
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Facts You Need to Know About Child Abduction Prevention

While many parents think that it cannot happen to them, child abduction is a reality that must be addressed. While there is never a fool-proof way to protect a child
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