Breaking the Cycle

Reporting Child Abuse

The United States possesses stringent laws in regards to child abuse. If you suspect a situation where the abuse of children is present, you should immediately report the incident or
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Understanding the Abuser Often is Suffering as well

Physical abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, or neglect all have a severe detrimental effect on a child's self-esteem. An individual may never recover from the negative perspective which they have
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Beware Abuse Begetting Abuse

Many of the people who are responsible for subjecting a child to child abuse have themselves experienced abuse as a child. Often, an individual has learned first hand that instilling
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What You Need to Know About Breaking the Cycle

There are many resources that individuals can use in order to prevent child abuse and end the cycle of violence and suffering. Many individuals who have experienced abuse will seek
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What You Need to Know About Parental Education

Many organizations offer parenting classes that have been developed in order to teach parents positive parenting skills. They will also
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Therapy At A Glance

Therapy is one of the primary sources that families turn to in order to receive treatment for child abuse. Child abuse therapy works against child abuse by confronting both the
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