Biological Parents

What You Need to Know To Change a Child’s Last Name

In the United States, legal adults have the Constitutional right to change their given name. However, a name change regarding a child will prove to be more complex.To change a
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Finding Domestic Biological Roots of Adopted Children

In order to find out more about an adopted child's biological parents, an adoptee and/or their family will need to know what their names are. Birth parents may actually be
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Importance of Finding Cultural Heritage

Irrespective of adoption and finding biological parents, adoptive parents of foreign-born children should try to communicate the need for all people to find out what cultural and societal elements made
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What You Don’t Know About Adoption Reunification

Reunions usually occur at the request of the adoptee once he or she reaches adulthood. For adoptees, the excitement and anxiety over reaching out to a biological parent may cause
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Finding Biological Roots of Adopted Children

Adoption families tend to go through a trend that at first leans towards keeping their child safe and away from any possible dangers including possible exposure to their biological family.
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