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Juvenile Court

Is Death Penalty Legal?

For a brief span in the 1970s, the death penalty as a whole was made illegal in this country. In 1972, a 5-4 majority of the Supreme Court in the
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Make Sure You Know The Implications of Certain Severe Offenses

Atrocities in which children commit grave crimes are, in terms of absolute numbers, rare. However, the shocking nature of these acts nonetheless makes them all the more notable in the
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Juvenile Court Jurisdiction At A Glance

While Federal law defines a minor as anyone younger than 18, juvenile arrests can only be made for certain age ranges within the entire population. In other words, there are
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Make Sure You Know About Juvenile Record

To even discuss whether or not juvenile records are a good or bad thing, it is necessary to understand what one actually contains. As noted, a juvenile record involves a
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Kent v. United States

Today, the prevailing line of thinking surrounding juvenile court stems from the case of Kent v. United States, which started
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Quick and Easy Guide to Juvenile Court Legal Representation

In securing a juvenile lawyer, quality should be a defendant's top priority. Of course, a minor and his or her
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Make Sure You Know The Reasons for Different Treatment

Though incidents of crimes committed by minors is lamentable from a moral standpoint, some concerns about juvenile arrest and juvenile
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Quick Overview of the Juvenile Court

Right off the bat, juvenile courts and criminal courts differ from their very intent. With the latter, as far as prosecution is concerned, the idea is to accuse an individual
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